COLLABORATAING WITH GOVERNMENT AT ALL LEVELS is an e-commerce business model covering Business-to Business (B2B), Government-to-Business, (G2B) , Online-2-Offline( 020) on a single platform. The platform aims at transforming and developing a conducive online business environment in Nigeria and Africa at large.

A core purpose of online portal would be to create a relatively inexpensive opportunity for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME’s) particularly located in rural and regional areas focusing on the rural residents and middle class who are mostly public service workers and the urban masses. The opportunity to gain access to a digital market space would increase their visibility and bolster their sales and accessibility of goods and services on a sustained basis.

The collaboration will create avenues for residents especially "Urban Middle Class", Youths, "Urban Masses" and even Rural Migrants hungry for high quality goods especially agricultural produce, food and beverages, health and personal care products to benefit from our set target of providing an e-commerce marketplace and digital supply chain for hard-to-reach markets..

We are sure Internet penetration would spur stronger employment growth if Government effectively leverages the collaboration starting the same way some countries leveraged digital penetration and a flourishing Internet economy to create an employment boom and production explosion that saw Far Eastern economies grow by over 8% per annum for more than a decade.
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