Businesses survive on new business leads. Without leads, things may turn out to be difficult in terms of growth and sustainability. presents a unique solution for local enterprises by strengthening their business development operations (BDO) through its Aniwura Marketing Incentive Program (AMIP)

 AMIP is a program designed for Agents to represent Aniwura and assist to promote sales of our services in their region.

Interested associates can take advantage of our unique offering by enrolling in the program as ‘Aniwura Agents/Consultant’, thereby availing themselves the privilege of representing Aniwura in their respective regions.



The operations of AMIP is simple. You represent Aniwura, as an individual or an enterprise in your area or state, you support local businesses in generation of new leads for business development and expand their operations. You will enable SMEs (small and medium enterprises)   reach out to potential customers and clients within Nigeria, Africa and globally

 Aniwura Marketer Incentive Program aims to nurture entrepreneurship in Africa, encouraging agents to explore the world membership services e.g subscription, Anichase, Advertss, marketing PRO etc.

 Develop and maintain sales network to maximise sales in your area and or through your network

 Must understand all Aniwura services including all add on so you will be able to assist people in your area to understand what we do.

 Keep in touch with our HQ and give update of your region market condition.


Participate in Aniwura sales promotion events.

 Agent Benefits

  • High Commission
  • Competitive Edge
  • Business opportunities
  • How to become an Agent

 Aniwura Marketers Incentive Program


1. Apply as an Aniwura Agent online

2. Application review

3. Submit additional request information (For qualified applicant after form review)

4. Final application review (if necessary we may review applicant profile)

5. Make a contract

6. Aniwura agent/consultant account will be provided for you.


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